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Artwork by

Zack Soto

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Photo by Miss Prys


Rummy Rose, Vera Mysteria, Hyacinth Lee, Meghan Mayhem, Dee Dee Pepper, Hai Fleisch, Wanda Bones, Baby Le'Strange, Rocket Queen & Lady Stockholm

Production Team:

Rocket Queen, Wanda Bones, Dee Dee Pepper & Rummy Rose

Taking burlesque to the ninth circle of Hell, Sign of the Beast Burlesque merges titillating dance with heavy metal to create ....METALESQUE!!!

Our motley crew came together as a troupe in Portland, OR, in 2010, and we've been producing multiple shows a year ever since.

S.O.T.B. shows encapsulate everything that we love about metal: corpse paint, giant props, spurting fake blood, studs, spikes, viking goddesses, giant hair, leather, bats, beasts!

Come party with us!  

"Every single act was mind-blowing and I'm surprised I have enough brain power to write this."

- Actual audience member

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2019 Metalesque fest Video by Tim Burgess