May 26th!

Please read ALL OF THE INFO ON THIS PAGE  before you apply.

Many of your questions will be answered here!

The same info IS also on the application.

If you are a PERFORMER then the links on this page are meant for you.

If your BAND is interested in playing  the fest,  please email us directly at signofthebeastburlesque(at)gmail(dot)com.

If you are a VENDOR please email us directly at signofthebeastburlesque(at)gmail(dot)com for an info packet.

May 26th!

The producers of Oregon Burlesque Festival and  Metalesque Fest have joined forces to give performers an amazing excuse to spend some time in the pacific northwest, by offering a JOINT APPLICATION PERIOD! From April 21 through May 5, for a $40 application fee, you can submit to BOTH FESTIVALS. Please note you must pay both festivals separately and fill out each separate festival application form.

No matter what application period you apply in, 

 you will apply at the same link,  posted at the bottom of the page.

  Keep reading for ALL the info on the FOURTH annual Metalesque Fest - October 3-5th, 2019.

Metalesque Fest is the World's First Showcase of Brutal Burlesque, Performance Art and Heavy Metal Music... now in it's FOURTH year.

Portland is home to one of the nation’s most active burlesque communities AND metal music scenes.  Metalesque Fest merges the two art forms in a three day celebration featuring burlesque performances set to heavy metal music and bands that fit the genre, curated by local metal burlesque troupe Sign of the Beast Burlesque, which was founded in Portland, OR in 2010. 

Surrounded by the epic landscape of the Pacific Northwest, Portland is renowned for it’s innovative art and live music, bicycle culture, coffee, and beer.  Portland in October is dark and stormy, the perfect time and place to celebrate metal.

Join us as we crank up the volume in downtown Portland with a three day festival showcasing the most brutal and bewitching  entertainers from our fair city, and beyond, and live metal music from our favorite bands! 

/// Thursday October 3, 2019 is Opening Night at the rock venue Dantes in downtown PDX.

Thursday’s show will feature classic and neo burlesque, drag, circus sideshow acts, pole dancers and fire entertainers.

This show may be moved to our other west side venue,  the historic Star Theater, also in downtown.

Performers who are cast in the show will be kept informed of any changes.

/// Friday October 4, 2019  is Night Two at the rock venue Dantes in downtown PDX.

Friday's show will feature classic and neo burlesque, drag, circus sideshow acts, pole dancers and fire entertainers.

This show may be moved to our other west side venue,  the historic Star Theater, also in downtown.

Performers who are cast in the show will be kept informed of any changes.

/// Saturday October 5, 2019 is the closing night at east side music venue High Water Mark.

This show will feature live metal bands and a few circus/burlesque/neo burlesque performances interspersed throughout the evening.

This show may be moved to our other east side venue,  rock venue High Water Mark.

Performers who are cast in the show will be kept informed of any changes.

Our Headliner  Calamity Chang will be teaching two workshops during the day - Branding 101 & Fan Dance transitions!

A performers-only-brunch  will also be held this day! Location and details TBA.  

For accessibility notes on all of the venues, please see the Accessibility Statement on Venue Accessibility Page.

Feel free to email us  at signofthebeastburlesque(at)gmail(dot)com with your questions/concerns.

All three show nights have something different to offer for your viewing and listening pleasure!

Note that if you are accepted to perform in the Fest, you will be on the guest list for all the shows.


*Applications to perform vary in cost depending on when you are applying. Please see the application time periods at the top of this page and be sure to choose the correct link to the correct application for you.


*Performer applications  fees are payable to via PayPal. All application fees are non refundable. Please submit  a note in Paypal with your payment that includes your stage name so that we know who is making payment.


*Full nudity is not allowed. Pasties and merkin or g-string please and thank you. If your act does not involve getting naked...that's okay! Beyond burlesque, we are seeking a variety of other acts that may or may not involve removal of clothing.


*You may submit up to TWO ACTS for consideration. There is room in the forms to submit BOTH acts, so there’s no need to submit more than one form. Only ONE act will be performed if you are selected to participate in the fest.

*Incomplete application forms or application forms sent in without the fee will not be considered. If we cannot match your fee payment with your stage name, it will not be considered.

*You must submit an act or acts that you wish to perform at the fest. All performers must provide a link to video of the performance(s) being submitted. Submissions without video links will not be reviewed. Please make sure it is labeled with your performer name and not password protected. Vimeo and YouTube are preferred. Friend hosting sites like Facebook will not be considered. On YouTube you can mark an act as *unlisted* and share the link with us. Unlisted videos are only viewable to those who have the link. Making a video in your living room? That's fine!  Just be sure you are actually performing the act, not just talking about it in your video. 

*Glitter and confetti dumps are not allowed. No excessive food mess. Fake blood and liquids are allowed with specific permission. If fake blood and/or liquids are part of your act, please go ahead and submit the act, and we can talk about the specifics on a case by case basis if / once you are booked for the fest.


*All accepted performers must sign a liability waiver before being allowed to perform, which will be sent to you with your confirmation letter to read over. You will be asked to sign the liability waiver on show night.

All applicants will be notified by June 2nd by the end of the day (midnight PST) regarding participation in the festival.




*Performances are not to exceed 7 minutes in length. We know this can be challenging in this musical genre, we've all had to edit our songs - garageband is our friend!

*If you have questions about music, send us an email before you submit. We are happy to work with you on your song choice.

There is a space in the application to list some alternate songs you could use for your acts if your original song is questionable, or in case we receive duplicate submissions.


* There are SO many genres of metal! We love Classic, Stoner, Speed, Death, Viking, Black metal, Space Metal, Hair Metal, etc... explore!

We do NOT accept “Nu metal.”  

Musical genres that are NOT labeled "Metal" such as "Screamo," "Shock Rock," or "Alternative," "Industrial " music will not be considered.

For example, we DO NOT consider Marilyn Manson, Korn, Tool , Slipknot, Limp Bizkit, White Zombie,

Nine Inch Nails, A Perfect Circle, Creed, Godsmack or similar music to be Heavy Metal. 

We're particular because our city has one of the best metal music scenes in the nation, and we've worked hard to build a metalhead fan base and curate our aesthetic, but this should not be a limitation, there is so much metal out there and we will work with you!

Some of the bands whose music that has been featured in our past shows are:

Ludicra, Bathory, Dio, Slayer, Judas Priest, Metallica, Pentagram, Candlemass, Cathedral, GWAR, Death, King Diamond, Flower Traveling Band, Megadeth, Motorhead, Wendy O. Williams, High On Fire, Spinal Tap, Witch, Iron Maiden, Danzig, Watain, Electric Wizard, Scorpions, Rainbow, The Oath, Warlock, Death, Gamma Ray, Zeal and Ardor, Bolt Thrower, Myrkur, King Woman, ... we have had performers introduce us to metal music from around the world... we'd love to hear what you have discovered!

Bands featuring women, LGBTQ+  folx, and POC are highly encouraged!

*Please be mindful that we are not interested in the types of metal songs or acts that glamorize or encourage acts of rape/violence toward others.  Same goes for racist / White Power metal. In any language. Fuck that shit.

Still confused about what we are into? Follow us on instagram and check out #sotbinspiration! 





*Fire is allowed ONLY at the DANTES venue.

One of our shows will definitely be held at this venue that allows fire.

HOWEVER, we highly encourage you to submit one fire act and one non-fire act in the submission form. 

Remember that you can submit TWO ACTS in one form for one price, and marking all fest dates in your availability is better as it gives us more options to choose from.

*A lead fire safety attendant with many years of experience and special knowledge of this venue will be provided to all fire performers on the night of the show. You must work with this person per the venue’s rules.  

*Per the venue’s rules, all fire performers must provide us with proof of insurance before we will announce you as booked. *Once in Portland, fire performers must sign a liability waiver before you will be allowed to perform. 

*Be advised that there is a space restriction (between fire performers and the audience) enforced by the city.

* NO fireballs or really large fire is allowed. 

*All fire props must be approved by the venue’s lead fire safety attendant. 

*Every fire performer must get a pinky slip (also known as a fire permit) from the Fire Marshall’s office for the City of Portland. The show producers can assist you with this once you are booked. These are free. To do this, fire performers need a printed "permission slip" from the venue (Dante's) to take into the fire marshal’s office with them. This can also be done in advance online (which we highly recommend). More specific information can be found here:      (copy and paste link in a new window)


*As show producers we are glad to help you with all of these steps!

Please do not be intimidated by these guidelines, we will guide you through the process.





*If you have a pole or aerial set be specific about what you need in place at the venue when you submit your application, including information about the anchor and rigging you require. We need to check with the theater to make sure it is possible. You may be asked to sign a secondary waiver provided by the venue in order to perform.

*Aerial arts (lyra, silks, aerial hoop, etc) are allowed AT DANTES AND STAR THEATER venues only.

At least one of our shows will definitely be held at this venue that allows for pole and aerial performance.

HOWEVER, we highly encourage you to submit one pole/aerial act and one non-pole/aerial act in the submission form.

Remember that you can submit TWO ACTS in one form for one price, and marking all fest dates in your availability is better as it gives us more options to choose from.

Here is a video of aerial at Star Theater:


* Pole is available at DANTES and STAR THEATER shows only.

 The details for each pole are different so please take note:

*The pole at STAR THEATER is about 16 feet tall, stainless steel, 45mm around, and is static (non-spinning). 

Pole cleaner will be provided on show night.

*The ceiling height at Star Theater is about 16 feet tall, and there is aerial rigging that is up to required standards. 

It is used regularly by performers at the theater, including our resident troupe aerialist.

*A stage manager who is very familiar with the theater's aerial rigging and the pole will be present on show night to assist you. You are required to utilize the help of this stage manager to set up and take down your rigging. The pole is removable and will be taken down for acts that do not utilize the pole.


Here is a video that shows the pole at Star Theater:


* The pole for  DANTES  is roughly the same size diameter as the one at Star, but is considerably shorter (about 12 feet) and can be switched easily from static to spinning based on the performer's preference.

Here is a video that shows the pole at Dantes in static position:






*There is an ACCESSIBILITY STATEMENT  located on our website that goes into detail about the layout of each venue. Can't seem to find it? Email us at and we will send it to you directly. 


*If you'd like to see what that stage set up is at both venues, we recommend doing a video search on google for 

"fire dantes portland oregon" and "star theater portland" to get some idea. There are many videos to check out.


*Please be advised the Metalesque Fest does NOT provide food, lodging, or travel....HOWEVER we do offer a $50 base pay guarantee to all performers who are selected to participate in shows. Depending on ticket sales, you may be paid an additional bonus.  We also offer photos of your performance. Video may also be an option, and we are negotiating a deal with a videographer currently.


*We are happy to assist travelling performers in finding lodging within our local burlesque community and will create a private online group to facilitate that once casting selections have been made. The Portland burlesque community is BIG and WELCOMING and we can definitely find you a place to stay. We love visitors!


*Metalesque Fest welcomes submissions from performers of all ability, race, sexual orientation and gender identity.  Metalesque Fest does not and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status, in any of its activities or operations. 


*We aim to make this fest inclusive and welcoming to all. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at! 


Thank you for considering our Fest, we can't wait to meet you!

If you have further questions please email us at

Now go forth and SLAY!