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THURSDAY October 3rd at Dante's :

Hosted by Nikki Lev The Glitter Beast (PDX)
Sindi Ray Boustier (Harrisonburg, VA)
Lady Phallus (Alice Johnson & Lady Coquine) (PDX)
Hyacinth Lee (PDX)
Lola Coquette (PDX)
Lady Stockholm (Los Angeles, CA)
Murphy Lawless (Richmond, VA)
Velvet Booth (PDX)
Wanda Bones & Baby LeStrange (PDX)
Heady Metal (PDX)
Aviva the Mirage (Toronto, CAN)
Rummy Rose (PDX)
Asteria Atombomb (PDX)
Diva La Tap (Boozie Q and Roxie Cellophane) (St. Louis, MO)

FRIDAY October 4th at Dante's :

Hosted by Vera Mysteria (Krista Mysteria PDX)
The Assettes PDX 
Evangeline Cain (CO)
Dee Dee Pepper (PDX)
Minx Arcana (NY, New York)
Rizzo Rogue (PDX)
Natasha Riot (PDX / SF)
Harlow Quinzel (PDX)

Rachael Reckless (PDX)
Pearl E. Gates ( Burlesque Artiste) (San Francisco, CA)
La Reina (Atlanta, GA)
Diamondback Annie (featuring Haute Coque) (Los Angeles, CA)
Ruby Mimosa (Seattle, WA)
& Headliner Calamity Chang "The Asian Sexsation" (NY, New York)

SATURDAY October 5th at High Water Mark Lounge :
Hosted by Mystic O'Reilley (PDX)
Metalesque by
Hai Fleisch (PDX)
Rocket Queen (PDX)
Heather Loop as Lemmy Kilminger (WA)
Meghan Mayhem (PDX)

Live MUSIC sets by
Order of the GASH (PDX)
Bonestripper (Oakland, CA)

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