Sign of  The  Beast  Burlesque presents Metalesque!



Taking burlesque to the ninth circle of Hell, Sign of the Beast Burlesque merges titillating dance with heavy metal to create ....METALESQUE!!!

In Portland, OR,  in the year 2010, our motley crew of solo performers  came together as a troupe to produce  shows that encapsulate everything that we love about metal: corpse paint, giant props, spurting fake blood, studs, spikes, viking goddesses, giant hair, leather, bats, beasts!

S.O.T.B. features burlesque, drag, aerial, circus & performance arts, pole dance, fire and more, all set to pounding metal.

Come party with us!  

"Every single act was mind-blowing and I'm surprised I have enough brain power to write this."

- actual audience member


S.O.T.B. produces the world's premiere, annual festival dedicated to heavy metal & burlesque

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2015 Video Promo by Nate Pacyna