Artwork by

Zack Soto


Artwork by Prilzor

Taking burlesque to the ninth circle of Hell, Sign of the Beast Burlesque merges titillating dance with heavy metal to create ....METALESQUE!!!

Our motley crew came together as a troupe in Portland, OR, in 2010, and we've been producing multiple shows a year ever since.

S.O.T.B. shows encapsulate everything that we love about metal: corpse paint, giant props, spurting fake blood, studs, spikes, viking goddesses, giant hair, leather, bats, beasts!

Come party with us!  

"Every single act was mind-blowing and I'm surprised I have enough brain power to write this."

- Actual audience member

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In 2016 we decided to see how many more metalesquers were out there, so we started the world's first festival dedicated to Heavy Metal Burlesque - Metalesque Fest!

The Fest happens annually in October and features burlesque, drag, aerial, circus & performance arts, pole dance, fire and more, all set to pounding metal.

Visit our Fest Pages for more info and images!

"This Fest is hands down one of the best & unique festivals I've ever been in.

It was an evil & metal sundae in the most delicious combo ...."

- Calamity Chang, 2019 Headliner

2019 Metalesque fest Video by Tim Burgess