2019  LINE UP!

HEADLINER Calamity Chang is one of the busiest burlesque performer AND producer based in NYC with 2 longstanding weekly shows and 2 monthly shows; she also co-produces the world's only NEW YORK ASIAN BURLESQUE EXTRAVAGANZA with Jen Gapay.
Named by The Huffington Post as one of the "20 Burlesque Stars To Know" and by 21st Century Burlesque as one of the Top 100 Burlesque Performers in the world (coming in at #58), Calamity has performed for numerous esteemed events such as Inked Magazine (Pinup Issue Release Party 2015), Design Industries Foundation for Fighting Aids NYC), and celebrities such as Brooke Shields and the cast of The Addams Family, Corey Miller of LA Ink, and guest starred in Moby's metal band DiamondSnake ("Woman, Yea"). Calamity has also appeared in reality TV shows such as "Oddities" (Science Channel) and "My Big Redneck Vacation" (Country Music Television). You can also see her in the controversial NC-17 film of 2011 "Shame" by Steve McQueen starring Michael Fassbender as "Late Night Lover #1".
Her burlesque style is a unique blend of exotic and traditional. Inspired by her Chinese heritage, Calamity is known for her mesmerizing 1920's Old Shanghai-style acts reminiscent of a nostalgic era long gone. But this "Asian Sexsation" is also known for her powerful fetish acts in which she subverts traditional fetishized roles.
She was in the "Best Debut" at Burlesque Hall of Fame, Las Vegas in 2012. She headlined the First Annual Empire Burlesque Festival in Ithaca, NY (2016), Edmonton Burlesque Festival (2016) and Montreal Burlesque Festival (2016), The Philadelphia Burlesque Festival (2018), The Freezing Tassel Festival (Alaska) 2019.
She has taught at the world's only burlesque convention in Seattle BurlyCon 2018 and is a NY School of Burlesque instructor. She is also a three-time Golden Pasties Award winner ("The Hustler: the performer who has hustle game", "The Busy Bee: the performer who multi-tasks the most backstage", "The TMZ Award: the performer who has all the gossip").
Born in Taipei, Taiwan, Calamity grew up in Bolivia (Santa Cruz), Florida (Tampa), and various cities in Texas including Houston and Dallas. Though she has lived in NYC for 20 years and counting, she also considers Texas her home.
The Assettes are an evolving group of ass worshipping burlesque performers, started by Vera Mysteria and passed down to three babes who willingly took the title. This group uses their booty skills for both comedic purposes and to rage from the depths of the Seventh Circle of Hell. With a passion for metal and choreographed weirdness they prove that ass tassel guitar riffs can change the world.
Asteria Atombomb is the bangin' bombshell from the Midwest delivering a super Sonic boom. She has graced stages and educated hundreds across Australia, New Zealand, and America. She is an internationally awarded performer, dance instructor, and choreographer. Currently, Asteria uses her 15 years of dance instruction to educate around Portland and is spreading the word that dance is for everyBODY. Recently, she joined the faculty of Ecdysiast pole dance studio and the Rose City School of Burlesque; as well as running her own monthly workshops. You can catch her bouncing around various parts of the US, most recently in Alaska and NYC. There is also an opportunity to attend two of her classes this year at BurlyCon in November. There is no telling where in the galaxy Asteria Atombomb will invade next.
Aviva the Mirage is Toronto’s neo classic rock n roller bump ‘n’ grinder. Aviva’s high energy but smouldering acts have been tearing up Toronto stages and beyond since 2009. She is a playful peeler with many tricks, known for dynamic floor work, musicality and coming from a professional middle eastern dance background she can balance a sword while stripping ! A member of Skin Tight Outta Sight Rebel Burlesque as well as a producer of Pussy Whipped Wednesdays , a bi-weekly themed rock n roll burlesque and drag show.

A vision in tube socks or a hot dog bun, Baby Le’Strange is at the top of the list for Portland Burlesque and has been rocking stages across the country since early 2008. A regular performer in shows of all sizes around Portland, OR and the North America. She’ll dazzle you with sequins and seal the deal with her wild style, and over the top attitude. Audiences from Oregon to Vegas, New Orleans, and New York have enjoyed her wide array of acts, and clamored for more. Baby is part of the city’s pioneering troupe Rose City Shimmy as well as Sign of the Beast Burlesque and Black Lodge Burlesque. Not only a performer, but Baby is also a producer and the instructor of Creative Expression at the Rose City School of Burlesque, sharing the importance of face and body expression with burgeoning burlesquers.


If you’re looking for comedic charm with a dirty twist, Baby is your Glittering Misfit!


Raised in the Oregon wilderness, Dee Dee Pepper dreamt of leaving her feral landscape to join the savage sphere of enticing entertainment. A life-long theater student, Dee Dee has found a medium to satisfy her lust for glamour and drama. Look for performances and shows created by Pepper + Bones Presents: Anything Goes, the production team Dee Dee runs with partner Wanda Bones.

https://deedeepepper.com / https://pepperandbonespresents.com

Los Angeles-based burlesque dancer, drag king and violinist Diamondback Annie (www.diamondbackannie.com) is known for her arena rock-inspired production numbers. Her performances are characterized by special effects like wind machines and confetti cannons, and innovative props like scratch n sniff cards, exploding zombie heads; and custom-designed flame-throwing violins. Her wide-ranging themes reference iconic figures from popular culture past and present like AC/DC; Luke Skywalker; KISS; and hapless Evil Dead hero Ash Williams.
Annie was recently named one of LA's "Top 8 Exotic Dancers" by Timeout.com, and holds multiple titles from the Burlesque Hall of Fame. Besides performing live, she has appeared in music videos for leading artists such as Pharrell Williams, RuPaul, and Maroon 5, whose video for hit song “Moves Like Jagger” featured her in drag as the Rolling Stones front man. Annie has spoken on gender and performance at UCLA and the Experience Music Project’s annual Pop Music Conference, and been an educator on MTV and Playboy TV.
Raised Mormon in small-town Utah, Annie grew up shooting rifles at church camp, and roping goats in the local rodeo. She is descended from accused witch Winifred Holman - who, after being acquitted, sued successfully for libel during the New England witch hunts in 1659.
A former elected Los Angeles official, Diamondback is a graphic designer and public relations educator for the City of LA, as well as a local land use and affordable housing activist.  
Instagram: @diamondbackannie
Twitter: @diamondbackLA
Facebook: http://facebook.com/diamondback.annie
(Credit photographer Ernie Manrique)
Boozie Q and Roxie Cellophane are two chicks with loose screws and have entertained audiences with novelty tap routines, classic choruses, commissioned works, educational

programs and more recently Burlesque (or Tap-lesque, as we affectionately like to call it). Diva La Tap has graced cabaret and burlesque festival stages in St. Louis, Minneapolis, Indiana, Kansas City, and Oklahoma. Boozie and Roxie’s passion is to combine their tap expertise with some bumps, extra grinds, endless shimmies, and a few pairs of tassels!


Evangeline Cain has been casting her seduction spell on venues and burlesque festival stages all over the country since 2014. Originally from a tiny, rural town in Mississippi, she now calls Woodland Park, CO home.

This producer, choreographer, and independent burlesque performer has been awarded runner-up for "Most Entertaining" at the A-Burly-Q Burlesque Festival, "Master of Improv" at Colorado BurlyPicks Competition, the "Golden Grill" award for best 'face' (stage presence) in the Golden Legends Championship Challenge, Queen of the Midwest Burlesque Festival, and most recently Most High at the Mile High Burlesque Festival!

She has become known for her heart stopping musicality, imaginative story-telling, and her hypnotic gaze. She is SURE to quickly have you under her spell. She's got moves that can wake the dead... She's "The Voodoo Vixen of Burlesque": Ms. Evangeline Cain.

All photos credit La Photographie.

Hai Fleisch has been Co-Producer of Sign of the Beast Burlesque since 2013. With over a decade of burlesque under her shimmy belt she is one of Portland’s Pioneering Peelers, building the local burlesque scene since she arrived from San Francisco in 2008 and formed Rose City Shimmy. As a performer she is known as an Amazon Maneater, darkly elegant, with a bent sense of humor and disturbingly long-legs. As a producer she strives to elevate the professional and artistic quality of every show.  She also Co-Produces Black Lodge Burlesque and Twin Peaks Dance Party alongside her Dream Team partner, Rocket.  A Costumer and Headdress Builder by trade, she loves vintage horror movies, synth soundtracks, King Diamond, tacos, tequila, and long walks on the beach.

Harlow Quinzel is the Barbie Doll of your wildest dreams & naughtiest nightmares. A hot-pink blend of all things Camp, flamboyant, glamorous and low-brow, Harlow has been gracing the performance stages of Portland for over 3 years. A staple at local drag spaces & burlesque revues, Harlow is a frequent flyer at events such as Sinferno, Jack London revue & Sexxx PDXXX. When she's not lighting up the stage in all her feminine finery, look for her in the form of Johnny Angel, Portland's most heavenly hunk, at shows like KING drag revue, "Femmes of" educational drag show, and Crown Me.

A lifelong fan of rock and roll, Harlow often blends classical burlesque elements with gut-busting tracks and hair-flipping hellraisers. Making her metalesque debut, she's eager & ready to pounce on an unsuspecting audience. So sit tight & don't make any sudden movements- the beast is on the prowl and looking for her next victim.



With a background in theater and martial arts, Heady Metal came to aerial arts over 7 years ago and has barely paused to take a breath.  She has performed for Night Flight, Whoopee Live, Boyeurism, PDXrated and the Vampire Masquerade Ball. Heady Metal was the artist in residence for The Steep and Thorny Way to Heaven for the year of 2018 and is a regular feature at Dante's Sinferno Cabaret. While she began her aerial journey with silks and trapeze, she found her true love with the aerial chains.  She says she's making up for all the years spent in church camp.


Little is known of the mysterious Heather Loop, who is currently wandering off the grid somewhere in the PNW. But if you put your ear to the ground you will hear rumblings… she has been a burlesque star, a booty bounce queen for Big Freedia, a seamstress, and is rumored to have started “bikelesque”.... At Metalesque Fest 2019 she will be inhabiting Lemmy Killinger on Night Three, and vending her wares as Swamp Swag Creations at all three nights!
Hyacinth Lee has been entertaining burlesque audiences in the Pacific Northwest and beyond with her signature musicality-driven comedic style since 2011. She has won multiple burlesque festival awards for her performances, including "Most Innovative" and "Best Group" at the Oregon Burlesque Festival for her duets with fellow SOTB weirdo Baby Le'Strange. She once even got a shout out from Alison Bechdel, and well-known radio personality, Daria Eliuk, once said she should be on money. 





This Dynamic Queer acro duo is half professional Dancer, Vouger, and Drag king- aka Phallus Johnson. The other half is a powerlifter, femme Fat-ale, and pure Super Villain- aka Lady Coquine. Together, they are the unstoppable LADY PHALLUS! After They saw the need for more queer femme performance art and decided to expand their skills and talent into worlds where anything is possible, like Circus and burlesque. They have been rigorously training and learning acro skills.

They do tricks and feats of strength typically only done by a male and female aco duo, making their act unique as well as skilled. Double the pleasure, double the fun, double the rock and roll...get ready for this unique and sexy duo!

International performer and Miss Exotic 2012, has been performing with Sign of the Beast Burlesque since it's inception in 2011. She likes bats, cats, wearing black, and metal.
She is also the star and creator of Lady Stockholm's Winter Holiday Show, a Metal Opera ode to Krampus!


The sassy temptress built with all the sinful curves in all the sinful places, bringing that California flare with a Southern heat, La Reina is a fever you just can't shake. She revels in the extravagance of burlesque, a lover of neo-classic styles from silks to satin to lace and anything deemed too "extra." 


Self proclaimed Lioness of the West and the Bond girl you've always loved, La Reina captures her audience to hold them right between her teeth.

Lola Coquette is a multi-award winning international showgirl, instructor and goofball based in Portland. She is a founding member of The Bees' Knees Burlesque Revue, cast member of Paper Moon Cabaret, Sinferno Cabaret and Portland Drag Queen Brunch. She is also one of three executive producers for the Oregon Burlesque Festival! Lola has heated up stages and festivals from Alaska to Texas, Florida to Chicago, Australia to Puerto Rico and everywhere in between since 2014. In 2018 Lola headlined both the International Latin & Hispanic Burlesque Festival in Orlando and the 2018 National Hispanic Burlesque Showcase in Cleveland. Lola Coquette is honored to return to the Metalesque Fest with an nerdlesque ode the biggest babe from the Beetlejuice afterlife, Miss Argentina this fall!
Meghan Mayhem is a member of The Assettes and an SOTB core cast member. Known as the Pacific Pin-Up she began performing in Hawai'i , before  moving to Portland in 2008, where she co-founded pioneering local troupe Rose City Shimmy. She is an aspiring wrestler,  sometime fire tassle twirler, and her assle skills are astounding!

Minx Arcana is “The Dark Flame of Desire,” a sultry NYC-based burlesque vixen whose signature style infuses sumptuous vintage glamour with hints of noir and a rock ‘n’ roll spirit.

Ever since her debut on the Bowery in New York City, this international showgirl's unique mélange of glamour and grit has taken her across stages in North America and Europe - from the far stretches of Alaska to the infamous Reeperbahn in Hamburg - with notable performances at The New York Asian Burlesque Extravaganza, Prague Fringe Festival, New York Burlesque Festival, Miss Coney Island Pageant, Slutist’s Legacy of the Witch, Toronto Burlesque Festival, Vancouver International Burlesque Festival, Alaska's Freezing Tassel Festival, and Show Me Burlesque & Vaudeville Festival. 


Versed in both classic and neo-burlesque, Minx thrives on bewitching her audiences with her lavish costuming and her uniquely mysterious allure. An active player in the NYC burlesque circuit, Minx is a core cast member of the (David Lynch-approved!) The Pink Room: David Lynch Burlesque. She has also worked her magic at such renowned performance venues as Sleep No More, Coney Island USA, The Slipper Room, Duane Park, and The Public Theatre's Joe’s Pub, as well as legendary cocktail bars Employees Only, Apotheke, and Macao Trading Co. Her on-screen appearances include Showtime’s Twin Peaks: The Phenomenon, PlayMe Burlesque, Getting Naked: A Burlesque Story, The Cruel Tale of the Medicine Man, and ABC News’ Nightline. 


Murphy Lawless is a mutant hybrid of Burlesque performer, comic and cage dancer from Richmond who found the stage after clawing her way out of the James River. Known as the Heavy Metal Princess, she has been tantalizing and terrifying audiences using her own brand of scarousal in her troupe Burlesque Right Meow. 

Mystic O'Reilley is a Sexual and Spiritual Entertainer,  Educator, Revolutionary and Pervert! As a traveling Burlesque, Fire, Fetish, Stripper, Clown and Host she strives to create spaces of intrigue, inspiration and education and revels in energetic exchange. Born on Halloween, she's been creating costumes, playing dress up and exploring the darker side of things her whole life. With a degree in Film Production and Broadcasting, and a background in theater, exotic dance, and therapeutic movement ,she brings a unique mix of knowledge and experience to any classroom or stage!


Internationally touring showgirl who calls Portland home, Natasha Riot is a multi disciplined and award winning performer. She is the new producer of Burlynomicon, a darkly decadent burlesque and variety show running every 2nd Tuesday at the Lovecraft bar in Portland, as well as producing the campiest series of summer variety shows that the PNW has ever witnessed, aptly named Summer Camp, also at the Lovecraft Bar. Her past life(s) included touring as a featured performer and crew member with the band, Beats Antique, being stage manager and performer with the Hubba Hubba Revue (SF), touring around the world performing and teaching burlesque and bellydance, and living off the land in a remote village while running a dance school in a neighboring town. She could teach you about the engine of your old Toyota pickup while listening to Dokken and subsequently suggesting how you might move your body...and perhaps your mind...more effortlessly through life.

She's also the 2017 Queen of the Roses, as dubbed by the Oregon Burlesque Festival and the runner up in both the 2018 Shimmy Showdown (St. Louis) and the 2017 Miss Exotic Oregon competitions.

Nikki Lev the Glitter Beast is a metalhead for life! They rock the mic at Kit Kat Club every Sunday, host multiple karaoke nights at Local Lounge and High Dive, perform drag and burlesque at Dantes, Star Theater, Crush, Funhouse Lounge and up and down the West Coast. They GoGo dance monthly at Blowpony at Bossanova Ballroom and traveled with the Blowpony crew to shake that thing in Vancouver BC and Eugene OR. They  produce "Pandemonium" at the Velvet Rope monthly. Only a true God of Thunder could hold all this down. Bow before the bountiful booty of the Glitter Beast!

Pearl E. Gates has been stomping burlesque stages since 2010, starting her career in the San Francisco Bay Area with Hubba Hubba Revue.  She's also a core member of Tight and Nerdy: The one and only traveling Weird Al burlesque troupe (Est:2012), and a sister with Sin Sisters Burlesque in Santa Cruz, Ca.  Pearl E. Gates is a super hardcore metal fan that has seen almost every metal band from the 1980's to today's metal. 


Rachael Reckless has been stripping her way through Oregon for well over a decade. From the PDX art museum to your darkest dive bar you can find her hailing Satan, raising hell, and peeling her way into the Dark Lords favor. This satanic showgirl pours her black heart out on stage every time she performs... leaving room to steal and devour yours!

Rizzo Rogue, known as the "blonde Elizabeth Taylor of Burlesque” and “Walt Disney’s Wet Dream", is the drop dead gorgeous right-swipe of your dreams! She is a member of Sin Sisters Burlesque and has been seen twirling on stages across the San Francisco Bay Area since 2010 and now calls Portland, OR her home. This fierce performer, model and stylist in sky-high heels is sure to leave you weak in the knees!
IG @rocketqueenburlesque
Rocket Queen is a Portland OR based entertainer who has been enchanting audiences since 2006. With over ten years experience as burlesque and pole dance entertainer, she has been featured in over 30 venues in Portland area, and in cities along the U.S. west coast. In 2011 she co-founded of Sign of the Beast Burlesque with Vera Mysteria, a troupe dedicated to performing to metal music. With Hai Fleish she co-produces the annual Metalesque Fest, a three day festival of performance art and metal music that is now in its third year. She has been a club stripper for over a decade, and can be seen at Mary's Club, Portland's first and oldest strip club. In addition to her stage career, she is a costume creator, educator, speaker, photographer and a published author.  She is also an ordained minister and is available for weddings and commitment ceremonies.

Ruby Mimosa is born and raised in Hawaii. She was brought up on Hula, Ballet, and Gymnastics this Island Flower has been dancing since she was three. Ruby moved to Seattle in 2006, where she quickly got recruited as seventh member to the ‘International Supertroope’, The Atomic Bombshells. 

She has been one of the primary instructors at Miss Indigo Blue’s Academy of Burlesque since 2007; teaching Burlesque Bump & Grind, Tassel Twirling, and The Art of the Tease, and most recently Burlesque 101 to women and men of all shapes and sizes. She has taught her classes at BurlyCon, up and down the West Coast, Vancouver B.C., London, and Paris. 

Mimosa’s unique mix of athleticism, dance, theatrics, and bubbly charm makes her a Seattle treasure and beloved all over the world. She has been a highlighted performer in France, England, Portugal, Canada, China, and Australia.    

Ruby also works with cowboy band Brent Amaker & the Rodeo has been shimmying her way along countless rock and roll stages throughout Seattle, the West Coast, and festivals including SXSW. She has worked with Grammy award winning artists Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, as well as a host of Burlesque’s crème de la crème.


Growing up with a dance background but wanting to branch out from classic productions, this blue-haired wild child became a member of the worlds only Punk Rock Can-Can troupe, The Can-Cannibals, when she was 19. They were known for putting on underground Punk Rock Cabarets in Oakland, CA and her involvement with the troupe is what avalanched her into Burlesque in 2010.


After relocating to Portland and continuing to dive into the Burlesque community, Rummy has been known for her dark lady style and wicked sense of humor.  She is a core member of productions such as Sign of the Beast Burlesque, Black Lodge Burlesque, and Pee Wee’s Burlesque house, and has traveled across the country to perform in New Orleans, Hawaii, Seattle and San Francisco.


Along with being a trained dancer, Rummy is also well versed in costuming, prop making and headpieces. She has been a licensed cosmetologist since 2005 and always brings killer hair and make up to the stage and photo shoots. While incorporating elements of classic burlesque Rummy has continued to use her performance art, dance background, hair, make up and costuming skills to express her love of punk, metal, rock and roll and pretty much everything dark, “weird" and unconventional.

Sindi Ray Boustier, The Rocka Rolla Woman of Burlesque, is equal parts sideshow tattooed lady and 80’s heavy metal video vixen. A burlesque performer of over 6 years, Sindi Ray has made a name for herself as a badass performer who isn’t afraid to think outside of the box. In 2017 she won the "Restoring 'Faith' in the Nipple Award" & the Lip Sync Crown during the Love is a Battlefield, Lip Sync Burlesque Show. Whether taking the stage as a sultry vixen, an 80’s powerhouse, or a 17th century blood loving Countess, Sindi Ray always brings a level of ferocity that is unmatched.


Voted "Best Performer Of All Time Who Also Feeds Me" by her cat, Velvet Booth has merged a love of singing, prop design, wig-teasing, and eyebrow-waggling into her one-of-a-kind stage act. With an eclectic repertoire centered around her obsessive devotion to wide-ranging fandoms, Velvet Booth’s performances are sure to leave your jaw (along with her clothing) on the stage.

Vera is not only the host of Metalesque, she INVENTED this damned show in 2010. She took a step back from producing when she decided to do the most metal thing of all - creating multiple fucking humans beings inside her body (some at the same time) and pushing them out with her vaginal muscles! METAL!!!  Besides being the Creative Guru of SOTB, Vera started the cult favorite, Black Lodge Burlesque; A Night of Cabaret Inspired by the Works of David Lynch, which she also hosts, as the Log Lady. She spent six years as a singer in a ten piece Neo-disco band, is a competitive air guitarist, is a natural comedian and an innovative crafter, especially with cardboard,  a licensed optician, an ordained priestess, and started her own cult Ridiculigion! It's no surprise that this performer won the "Keeping it Weird" Award at the 2015 Oregon Burlesque Festival and was crowned the first ever Miss Metal Portland 2014. You can find her performing weddings, preaching the good word of giving no fucks, and hosting only the finest god damn shows in town.

Portland's favorite hussy, Wanda Bones is here to entice you into submission. Her blonde locks, ruby lips, and signature mix of ravishing sensuality and comedic flair regularly delights the masses. As a feminist and body positive performer/producer, Wanda aims to put on and perform in shows that celebrate fluid sexuality and inclusive spaces. Performing for 6 years, Wanda seeks to push the boundaries of her art and explore an array of various characters and gender expressions. Wanda Bones currently co-produces the wildly fun burlesque show Pepper & Bones Presents as well as solo productions under 'Vagenda of Manocide'. Her heart is invested in producing niche shows for lovers of weird and outrageous taste and changing the world through feminist art.



PUSSYCRUST WHORECORE, here to invade your ears with provocative feral howls and possessed crushing sounds spawned from hellish female forces!

Marcelle - South African Princess of Doom - Bass/Deep Throating Growls 
Jamie - Punk as fuck Sweetheart - Guitar 
KT - Alabama Man-eating Mistress - Drums 
Ami - Manic New England Howls




"ORDER OF THE GASH play instrumental thrash / metal that switches from full-on, chugging chaos to intricate and subtly layered melodic parts and it's all played really fuckin' well" - No Front Teeth (UK)

Aris - drums, vocals, spectacle
Paul - bass, vocals, Dad
Melissa - pink guitar